This Part

Stop Your F#cking Whining

The Other Part

And Do the Damn Thing

In  “This Part”, we take a close look at and study some of the origins of /and the many reasons and excuses folks come up with to whine and complain. A few of these topics include; parents, society, and even the church, to name a few. Many of these reason’s folks hide behind are in an effort to play if safe (or, so they think), become complacent, and accept a life of mediocrity.

In “The Other Part,” I offer tried, true, and proven methods for attaining success in whatever it is that you want to do. Successful people are not by accident, and dammit you deserve to be one of them. In this section, I’ll explain how “haters are your friends,” how to dump negative people and energy, and how to stand on your own two feet.” Sure, you stand on your own two feet now, but you’re wobbly. I aim to change that as “failure is not an option.”

You’ll also discover multiple stories and events that I use to make clear my points. The stories, identified as “True Stories,” are exactly that, true, without naming names (they’ll know who they are). Many of you will either relate to them, know someone like that, or either I’m talking about you. Some will find this book entertaining while others might find it frightening. Nonetheless, my intent is to motivate.

inside bookA life saving, heavy handed, in your face approach to Self Development because some people need a kick in the ass.

NOW Only Happens Once!

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