1-No More Excuses, No More Bullshit…
Time to Get Dat Ass!


One thing is for sure, life is scary. Sure, it may seem terrifying if you have a dream because when you have a dream there is fear of failure and an obligation to fulfill it. It takes the same amount of effort to follow a dream as it does to sit on your ass in front of the TV all your life? You see, all of the mental effort that you wrap around those television shows and avoiding your dreams will add up. It’s a matter of reversing that mental energy. If you follow that dream, eventually things start to make sense. When you have a dream, you owe it to yourself to do anything, and I mean anything humanly possible, to make that shit happen. If you need money, then wait tables, or take client commissions, but never stop treating your dream with the complete and total seriousness it deserves. If you lose sight of it, no amount of excuses or rationalizations will be able to mask the deep, unavoidable pain of regret. And you will experience it, and never be able to shake it, unless you follow that fucking dream.  If only I had done this or only if I had done that.  That mantra will be stuck in your brain forever. I guaran-fucking-tee it. So ask yourself, what would you rather do? Take action and  risk failure?  Or be weighed down by that guilty inner voice of regret for the rest of your life? It’s your fucking call.

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