11- Hustle


Most people, when they hear terms like hustle or grind, they, without giving it a second thought, equate those terms with either something illegal or blood sweat and tears. Well, I’m here to tell you, that today, in 2014, those are badges of honor. You want others to refer to you as a hustler. You want others to say that you “get your grind on.” Those terms mean that you are moving in the direction of your hopes, dreams, and goals. They mean that you are not going to take no for an answer. They mean that you refuse to be average. They mean that you are stacking  money.

Motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, tells a story of a young man being held underwater. He struggles and can’t breathe. He needs oxygen. All of a sudden, he is set free. Coughing and choking, his lungs receive the much-needed air. The thought of being held under water is frightening, as we’re not fucking fish. We are human beings. The moral to that story, Mr. Thomas suggests, is that you have got to want success as bad as you need oxygen. I’m gonna type it again because I want you to get Mr. Thomas’s message, “YOU HAVE GOT TO WANT SUCCESS AS BAD AS YOU NEED OXYGEN.” I’m Kevin Jiggetts and I approve that message.

What do you want? How do you see yourself tomorrow, next week, six months, etc? And don’t you allow fear to answer that question with “I don’t know” because you do. We all know what we want and the kind of person(s) that we want to be. Whatever the honest answer, it all starts with the willingness to hustle and grind….

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